Our House Rules


  • Sex workers can always refuse a client or a sexual act,
  • Only safe sex takes place. You may never force the sex workers to have unsafe sex,
  • Clients, operators and owners may never force sex workers to drink alcohol,
  • Sex workers always have the opportunity to be tested and treated for STIs. If there is a need for extra information about hygiene, we refer you to the leaflets of the GGD and STD Netherlands, as mentioned on the website. Contact details GGD: 020 555 5911,
  • In the event of an acute threat or abuse, you can always contact the operator/manager for assistance on phone number 020 362 76 26 . You are advised to contact the police directly in the event of an acute threat or abuse to yourself or to the lady, and to inform the operator/manager accordingly. Police 112 or General 0900 8844,
  • Minimum age of the customer is 21 years. Having your identification with you is mandatory; valid passport, driver’s license or ID card,
  • Consuming, using, trading or carrying Soft and/or Hard Drugs is strictly forbidden,
  • Carrying weapons is strictly forbidden,
  • Clients who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics can be refused by the sex worker,
  • One has to behave with respect to the sex worker. The prices used are not target prices, but fixed prices. The price is 250 euro a hour,
  • These house rules are linked to our general conditions.

The management of Club Luxury welcomes you and wishes you an unforgettable time.