All rooms in Club Luxury are super exclusive, ultra clean and equipped with every possible comfort. The rooms have various themes.
Each has its own character and decor. Sleek, opulent luxuriant, modern, professional, totally contemporary, European or Asian. At Club Luxury you will always find a room that will meet your specific requirements. Our rooms are sleek, modern, trendy and above all highly exclusive.

We have The Golden suite which offers luxury and comfort. Imagine yourself in an atmosphere of gold and romance. The room has a double bed, Jacuzzi, free WiFi, air conditioning and bathrobes. Enjoy each other in sheer luxury with a glass of champagne in a large tub with bubbles. The Golden Suite is a warm and cozy place to relax completely

The rooms are tastefully decorated with exclusive materials, with comfort being a top priority. The rooms radiate a warm and intimate atmosphere. Each and every detail has been attended to at Club Luxury, as you might expect from an exclusive sex club. All the rooms have a number of standard fixtures, including: king-size bed, bath, shower, air conditioning, radio, telephone, room service and mirrored walls.

The Love Suite is enjoying a stylish ambience of turquoise and silver tones. Relax together in this spacious room, an environment where there is no place for stress. Make your stay complete with a glass of champagne and enjoy together in it’s stylish bath. The room has a double bed, Jacuzzi, free WiFi, air conditioning and bathrobes. The Love Suite gives you a zen experience, a place to enjoy fully.